Semantic classification of phraseological units

Classification of Phraseological Units

Professor Kunin’s Classification of Phraseological Units

(structural-semantic classification of phraseological units)

1) stability of usage (phraseological units are read-made, but not created in speech);

a) lexical (‘a skeleton in the cupboard’ – ‘a skeleton in the close’)

(‘a blind pig’ – ‘a blind tiger’) бар, где незаконно

торгуют спиртными напитками

b) grammatical (‘to be in deep water’ – ‘to be in deep waters’) in trouble

(‘a stony heart’ – ‘a heart of stone’)

c) positional (‘a square peg in a round hole’ – ‘a round peg in a square hole’)

человек не на своём месте

(‘to dot the i’s and cross the t’s’ – ‘to cross one’s t’s and dot one’s


d) quantitative (‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ – ‘every Tom, Dick and Harry’)

каждый встречный и поперечный

e) mixed (‘raisestir up a hornets’ nest about one’s ears’)

потревожить осиное гнездо, нажить себе много врагов

(‘to arousestir up the nest of hornets’).

4) syntactic stability (the grammatical structure of an expression).

1) nominative phraseological units, standing for certain notions, e.g. ‘a bull in a china shop’ (‘слон в посудной лавке’)

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